Ministry Teams and their Work

carry out the important structural and organizational work of our ministry.  

  • CHRISTIAN EDUCATION:  Oversees Sunday School program and other educational opportunities for church members. Some of these opportunities include Bible studies, Confirmation classes, and Vacation Bible School. This team is also responsible for encouraging the use of the Church’s periodicals, devotional books, and ELCA teaching materials.  More info:  CLICK HERE
  • CONGREGATIONAL LIFE:  Responsible for coordinating our all church events.
  • DECORATING:  Works on the decorations for various special times of the church year (Christmas, Lent, Easter, etc).
  • ENDOWMENT FUND:  Oversee / administrate fund decisions for St. Stephens Endowed Funds.
  • EVANGELISM:  Emphasis is outreach to non-members and the greater Hickory area with word of our church and its ministries.
  • FINANCE: Responsible for planning the budget and performing a yearly audit of the church books. Oversees any financial issues that present through the year, work with the Treasurer when there is a need, and monitor the Board of Trustees.
  • LIBRARY:  Works with our church library resources and space (located to the east of the church gym).  
  • NOMINATING:  Secures members willing to submit their name for the ballot of the election for Church Council and Nominating Ministry Team for the following year at the Annual Congregational Meeting in November.
  • PROPERTY: Works with the various needs and repairs necessary to maintain our church property in good working order.
  • SOCIAL MINISTRY: Help the community and global outreach through needed projects. More info:  CLICK HERE
  • STEPHEN MINISTERS: Lay visitation ministers who bring communion and Scripture to those housebound by illness and/or age. 
  • STEWARDSHIP: Strategic planning regarding the finances of our church. Encourage and empower our members to commit beyond simple monetary gifts; giving also of their time and talents.
  • WORSHIP AND MUSIC:  Enhances the worship life at St Stephens by supporting our congregation with resources and ideas; preparing services of worship using the gifts of our congregation and community to offer joyful worship and heartfelt praise to God.  More info:  CLICK HERE
  • YOUTH: Supports the youth leaders and the youth of the congregation in their efforts and activities.  More info:  CLICK HERE

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