Our online worship services are posted to YouTube and can be viewed here.

Welcome to St. Stephen's Lutheran Church, ELCA

Come and join us for our worship, Sunday mornings at 9:00!

Everyone is welcome!

After careful consideration, many prayers and research, and council approval, we are planning on moving our Sunday worship services back inside the sanctuary starting on Pentecost, May 23rd. It will still be one service at 9:00, and will be the same church service format we have been doing at the drive-up service.

We are going to start with the following plan, know that this is not written in stone, we will revise and pivot as needed and keep you as informed as we can. Our ultimate goal is to worship with our brothers and sisters in Christ as safely as possible.

Here are details to answer some of the questions you may have. 

  • The worship service will still be held at 9:00am.
  • We will use the newly installed cameras to provide the service live on our YouTube channel.
    • After the service, the recording from the live service will be available at any time for viewing on our YouTube channel.
  • We will continue to broadcast on the radio 94.3FM during the service.
  • We will conduct communion and offering like we are currently doing outside.
    • You will collect your communion with your bulletin as you enter the church.
    • You can drop off your offering in the box when you get your bulletin or put it in the large black mailbox by the door.
  • Masks are optional if you are vaccinated and strongly encouraged if you have not been vaccinated.
  • You will need to socially distance.
  • Every other pew will be marked off, the ushers will assist in seating.
  • The choir will be the only ones singing the hymns.
    • No congregational singing at this time. except the sending hymn.
    • The lyrics will be printed for you to read.
  • Please do not gather in groups inside the church before or after the service.

As things change we will evolve the service and protocols as needed. We want to make sure everything we do will continue to keep our members and visitors safe and healthy.

Free Wi-Fi Hotpot

Through a partnership with Centro Latino and Catawba County Library, our back parking lot is a free Wi-iFi hotspot!

Your children are welcome to come and use the free Wi-Fi to complete any classwork they need to do online. The Wi-Fi is available 6am-10pm each day throughout the school year.