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Welcome to St. Stephen's Lutheran Church, ELCA

Come and join us for our drive-in service in the lower parking lot at 9:00 am. on Sundays. Everyone is welcome!
We will continue with our online services as well on our YouTube channel and our Sermons page.

We at St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church take the health and well-being of our congregational family very seriously. With the growing concerns related to COVID-19 Coronavirus and the recommendations from the Governor as well as Bishop Smith and the NC Synod, we will be canceling all inside Worship services for now.


Meals on Wheels will continue as well as our administrative and janitorial services at the church.

As always, please contact the church office or Pastor Bolick if you have any questions, concerns, or needs.




The Golden Rule

To the people of Saint Stephen’s. As I am; I am certain that you too, are heavy laden with worry. In this period of change we can continue to pray that we will see a new full-time pastor soon. No Problem there! And the horrible virus COVID-19 attacked us and brought a new fear into our lives. We do not know when it will leave us or when it might return again as a plague on us. And now, in the wake of this plague  we find our humanity torn and separated into colors. We fearfully watched as one horrible person took the life of another child of God, for apparently no reason other than hate. In Matthew 7:12 Jesus spoke of our behavior and that our guide should be what became known to us as children as The Golden Rule. We, as Christians, must pray in earnest that all people adopt this attitude as the way to Peace and Equality under God. 

2 Points here: 

  • When those who are called to fish and they don’t fish, they fight.
  • Why do we judge our brothers and sisters as if we are better than them? We have been charged to live in one accord and judge not. God has told us this, and that everyone will stand before Him to be judged for their actions, by Him alone. 

I encourage each of you to read Proverbs 15 and to continue to be in prayerful conversation with God.