Our online worship services are posted to YouTube and can be viewed here.

Welcome to St. Stephen's Lutheran Church, ELCA

Come and join us for our drive-in service in the lower parking lot at 9:00 am. on Sundays. Tune your car radio to 94.3 FM to hear it over your speakers.

Everyone is welcome!

After careful consideration, many prayers and research, and council approval, we are planning on moving our Sunday worship services back inside the sanctuary starting on Pentecost, May 23rd. It will still be one service at 9:00, and will be the same church service format we have been doing at the drive-up service.

We will continue with the online service by live streaming the service, then having it available on our YouTube channel. I know you have lots of questions, please be patient. We still have some details to finalize and a letter will go out to everyone explaining how we're going to do this as safely as possible. So please don’t ring the office phone off the hook with questions just yet.


Free Wi-Fi Hotpot

Through a partnership with Centro Latino and Catawba County Library, our back parking lot is a free Wi-iFi hotspot!

Your children are welcome to come and use the free Wi-Fi to complete any classwork they need to do online. The Wi-Fi is available 6am-10pm each day throughout the school year.